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How do people find you and your business?

It’s vitally important to create new sales leads and market your business to achieve growth, yet the fact is that many people struggle with this essential part of the business because they’re not sure what to write or how to communicate with their audience. Many people become lost, confused, unsure about marketing simply because they don’t have a structured and proven process to stick to. Many people know they need to do something in their marketing, but stop when the content doesn’t come to them.

Effective communication is what makes people take notice. That comes through your messaging, and how you communicate with your ideal client to attract them to you and your business. In many cases sales and marketing people don’t really identify (and identify WITH) their perfect client. They cast a wide net, use the ‘shot-gun’ approach hoping their message hits someone.

Here’s a few questions:

  • Do you have difficulty coming up with regular content to post online and to communicate with your database?
  • Do you find your marketing communications are infrequent because you can’t think of what to write or how to get your message out, then you do nothing because that’s easier?
  • Have you been looking for a customizer outbound communication strategy that actually works to attract clients to you?

Lead Generation is an integral part of business development and marketing. Many sales roles have a responsibility to attract new clients and close them in a sale.

Getting new people to engage with you and your business takes a systematic and organised approach, with persistent and consistent messaging.

This course will provide you with the tools that you need to identify your perfect (ideal) client, then create messaging to attract them to your business.

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